IA voltage offset reading dynamic or fixed?

Timur Born

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Hello. I wonder if HWinfo's "IA voltage offset" measurement is dynamic or fixed? I set varying offsets based on CPU frequency (ranges) in my BIOS, but HWinfo always shows a single value. Now I wonder if this is a BIOS problem or a HWinfo limitation?

I tried to start HWinfo during idle and high CPU load to maybe make it detect the changed offset under different load situations, but it stays the same. It's well possible that my BIOS doesn't dynamically change the offset as it should, so I just need a clarification.
HWiNFO doesn't constantly read the voltage offsets to avoid higher usage as that readout takes some resources..
So if you change the values on the fly it won't sense them until you restart it.
I did some more tests and as far as I can tell HWinfo always reports the "highest VF point" offset that is non zero, regardless of the specific offset value. So if 43x is the last VF point to use a non zero offset then HWinfo will report that as long as all higher VF points (51x, 55x, 57x, 58x) use zero. As soon as a higher VF points uses a non zero value HWinfo will report that, regardless of its offset value (higher, lower, same).
That's right. HWiNFO doesn't display the entire curve, just the highest V/F point.