improve hwinfoMonitor gadget, more efficiency


as title suggested, please make it more efficient and easy to use so we can click less. when there are over 20-30 things I wish to show in gadget, color/text change it is very painful experience, not to mention when profile resets i'd have to do it all over so this will definitely improve the gadget side of things.  please look at my screenshot:


each time i go into a new thing to change setting involves color, I will have to scroll down and then scroll back up for other things. I couldnt find anywhere on the forum on how to adjust the size of this window and the js file i am not very good with programming so please help.

ps. making text smaller can't be an option as it is already small enough, please give us option to drag make window bigger, or teach me what settings i need to change in .js file to make it bigger would really appreciate it. need expert help @martin @stangowner


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Sorry, it can't be done. That dialog is provided by the gadget engine and is a fixed size.  I do provide default colors, so you can set the gadget "theme", and then just update the odd ball individual sensors.  Also, there is a copy/paste feature so you can just copy/paste from one to another in seconds.

If you still have a browser with Flash, I have a 30 min video here you can watch (under hardware monitoring, sidebar gadget) that demos these features and a few other tips.