In HWInfo 5.80 and latter have error

Hi )

If I User HWInfo 5.80 and latter , i have error on Asus X99-AII board. If I click button sensors always EXT FANS are displayed as 65536 RPM. I not have no one fan in ext fan connector on Asus X99-AII. In BIOS and in AIDA64 and in HWInfo64 5.74 and older this bug not have.
Can you please post a screenshot of the sensors window showing those invalid values? Also, what is the exact model name of the mainboard?
Martin said:
Thanks. This will be fixed in the next Beta version v6.01.

Thank you )  but in 6.01 this bug detected if run AIDA64 sensors and HWInfo64 sensors ) in 5.74 this bug not detect if run HWInfo64 only 5.74 and if run AIDA64 sensors with HWInfo64 )


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This is a collision between HWiNFO and AIDA64 when both try to read the sensors.
We will try to find a solution, which will require changes in both tools.
For the time being, please avoid using both tools for monitoring at the same time.
But iif use both AIDA64 and HWInfo64 5.74 , this problem not detet )
Also this bug not detected if use AIDA64 5.99 and older with HWInfon64 5.74 and older.
But as only I use AIDA64 any versionh with HWInfo64 5.76 and newer - this bug have.
That's most probably because older HWiNFO versions didn't attempt to read Extension fans on your mainboard.
AIDA64 got this support only recently as well.
You can remove any entries from the sensors list in HWiNFO - just hit the Shift-Del key over them.
Martin said:
You can remove any entries from the sensors list in HWiNFO - just hit the Shift-Del key over them.

Oh yes ) yes ) I can do this ) but with next run all deleted parameters recovery automaticaly. Even if this not need.
No, that not working.
Problem in differnce sensors when I run only HWInfo64 and when I run AIDA64 -> sensors , and next run HWInfo64 -> sensors.
When runned only HWInfo 6.01 beta - EXT FAN not availabe , when run AIDA64 , in AIDA64 open service -> stress test -> sensors , and next run HWInfo64 -> Sensors - EXT FAN aailable again.
Therefore saved settings was be damaged as only rerun HWInfo or with AIDA64 or without AIDA64.
It should be fixable, but both tools need to implement the same workaround.
I discussed this with the author of AIDA64, but we haven't yet decided what would be the best way.
Still have question.
What is Volt 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 ? What this is voltage ?
Why some values in this table displayed as zero or very differenced ?
Now bug with T_Sensors ) if I use HWInfo64 and AIDA64 5.99
HWInfo 6.02
Although this bug fixible if easy delete of sensors )
And no , bug with fans still have.
Also I wrong what sayd about fan fixed.


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Why do you need to have both tools running at the same time?
Each of them provides the same sensor information.