inconsistent external USB hdd detection


This isn't a HWIFNO problem, but just in case someone else runs into it using HWINFO.
I plug in an external usb drive and open HWInfo.
When HWInfo opens it runs thru the scan and shows drives, but not the USB drive.
I plug in an identical drive (mfg & model), same cable, same port and it hangs at detecting ata/scsi drives, but eventually (~45 sec) finishes and shows the drives.
I plug in another drive, different size, etc. and it runs thru as the first but shows the drive.
A 4th drive also shows up as above.
Why isn't one drive showing, and why is the 2nd taking so long to scan?

all 4 are mounted in enclosures. the 4th is a USB3 enclosure with USB3 cable. The USB2 cable is dual headed for power. All are plugged into a USB3 port. All drives show up in W10 immediately (a few sec) after plugging in and open file explorer.

all drive smart parameters are nominal.

Why isn't one drive showing, and why is the 2nd taking so long to scan?

It is the enclosures, as they are not all the same. Swapping drives in the enclosure takes the problem with the enclosure.
The 3 USB2 enclosures are all Rosewill, but each a different model. 1 works, 2 don't for detection in HWInfo. Otherwise, there is no issue with Windows (that I have found).
This might be an issue in support of particular USB-ATA bridge used in some of those drives.
Can you please attach the HWiNFO Debug File of the problematic drives?
Also, is for example CrystalDiskInfo able to recognize those drives?