Incorrect CPU Core Usage


New Member
Using the latest version, can see the core usage going crazy, well over 100%.
Win 7 x64.

Thanks for the report. This is indeed abnormal.
Do you maybe know what should be the correct usage for those cores at the time showing such erratic values? It might be interesting to see a screenshot along with some task manager showing correct usages.
Also, please attach the HWiNFO Debug File so I can check more details.
Seems the problem dissapeared after a PC restart, tho I checked the Task Manager when I took the screenshot and core usage was between 0-5% for every core, so pretty much idle.
I'll get back with the requested info if I get the issue again.
I have released a new HWiNFO version (v4.40), which implements and additional validity check for such a situation.
Just let me know if you see any issues...