Incorrect CPU (Vcore) Voltage Reading in P5Q motherboard


hi there, and thanks for this awesome software.

I've read the "known issues" sticky about incorrect cpu voltage readings, and thought I should post these pictures that prove it in my mobo, for future correcting.

In the first picture you can see that the CPU voltage reading in BIOS is 1.144


In the second picture you can see that the CPU (Vcore) Voltage reading in HWinfo is 1.112, while the "VR OUT" Voltage reading is actually the correct CPU voltage reading (btw I don't know what VR OUT voltage stands for)


Also I have two (different) +3.3 Voltage readings in Hwinfo, and I don't know the reason for this. The corrent +3.3 reading is the first one in order, according to the BIOS picture above, as you can see.


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That's normal - the CPU doesn't run at constant voltage, but changes it due to power saving features (like SpeedStep) based on load.
Since the (legacy) BIOS doesn't use power saving features, it runs at maximum voltage, but in Windows the voltage fluctuates depending on load.
VR VOUT is the voltage going from mainboard Voltage Regulator to CPU.
That's right, put the CPU voltage desired for him, the VRM put as close as possible to it, plus the value of the error code voltage regulation board's BIOS. In this case, the voltage are within the permissible limits.

Of the two voltages on the line +3,3V one is the voltage across the Li-Ion battery power CMOS - is 3,3V type CR2032 battery on the system board. Just you need 4.5 ten-day digital voltmeter to measure the voltage on it and rename the sensors correctly. VBAT voltage equal to 1,312V possible even for a fully discharged Li-Ion batteries of this series. When the voltage on it about 3,01V you will have problems with the loss when you turn off the machine power CMOS settings and date and you'll be forced to change the battery.