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I have been using this program for more than three years, before version 716 everything worked and was displayed correctly, but after versions 722 and 724, the values of indicators disappeared.
Tell me, how can this be fixed? I am not updating to the latest versions (722 and 724) only because of this bug, I have to use only 716.
Thank you all in advance for the answer!


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Which language and region is used in your Windows? What's your setting of "Current language for non-Unicode programs" in Administrative language settings?
That's it, I figured it out, thanks to your hint about the language. I changed the language to English in the HWiNFO settings, rebooted and the program began to work correctly, the indicators are displayed correctly!
Thanks for the answer!
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I believe the problem here is the new localization in HWiNFO and MSI AB not properly handling ANSI strings encoded per the current locale (МГц).
I assume you're also using Russian language in HWiNFO, correct?
Try to either switch HWiNFO into English language or "Current language for non-Unicode programs" to English and let me know the result.