incorrect driver version


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Downloaded Beta v5.79-3390, but when I try to run either the 64 bit or 32 bit version (my system is 64 bit), I get the following error:

Edit: I did an Uninstall after first seeing the error, but it did not help.


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Please attach the Debug File of this problem, I will check that.
You might also try to go into "Driver Management" of main settings and check what's shown there. If it reports that a driver is installed, try to remove it.
Unfortunately I was unable to start that version so I could not generate a debug report.

But I did start the previous version and was able to deselect the persistent driver option, and I removed the existing driver. I then restarted with the newest beta and it loaded without issue.

I have never seen this problem before, and I believe the persistent driver option has always been selected.
Is there a benefit to having the persistent driver option selected or not?
Not much benefit for persistent driver currently other than a slightly improved startup time.
In the past it was thought to be used for running HWiNFO without Administrator rights, but this option won't be possible anyway. Since v5.79 there was a lot of work on hardening security of the kernel driver and among other updates it introduces an enforcement to be used with Administrator rights only.