Individual Core Temps


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I have a Ryzen 7 3700x. Is there a way for me to get HWiNFO64 to show the temps for each core? I see all the average temps for my 8 cores, but not a real-time breakdown of each core temp.
I think this not posible. ZEN2 hasnt dedicated temp sensors for the cores by name. And let me explain...
ZEN2 has a large number of temp sensors per CCD (die of 8cores). Could be 50~60 sensors. AMD instead of report a static* sensor of each core has implemented something else. The "Tctl/Tdie" reading report always the hot spot of all sensors across all cores. It switches and report instantly the sensor with the highest reading whithin a small fraction of a sec.
The "CPU Die (average)" reading is the average temp of all sensors across the CCD(s), I think excluding the I/O(SoC) Die.
The "CCD (Tdie)" reading is reporting the temp of 1 sensor on a specific location of the 8core die (CCD).

So really there is no need for reporting temp of each individual core. Tctl/Tdie gives you the absolute highest temp on the CPU.
The way Intel does it, cannot do that. The readings of each individual core are static, on a specific location of each core and do not represent the highest temp on them.

* Sensor on a specific location