Intel C-State Residency possible issue


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Not sure if it's on my side or not so I want to ask for confirmation first:
Do you guys get Intel C-State Residency proper reading ?

I get only Core C0 Residency , the other Core C-State are always 0% even if I let my machine slowly go idle until going to sleep after 30 minutes or so. The same goes for Package C-State.

CPU: i7-4790k
HWinfo: v7.04

I'm asking for a confirmation because it used to work but now it seems to be stuck somehow. To be fair I've recently switched from Adaptive Vcore to Fixed Vcore so I'm not sure if it's my motherboard at work or if it's a software issue.

Thanks for the reading.
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It's seems weird to me that the Current reading go to as low as 2% on C0-Active but never see other Cn reading go up.
What I mean is if it's only 2% C0-Active then it should mean that it's 98% not C0-Active therefor the cores are in some other Cn-State.