Intel CPU Package Power (W)


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Quick question: Does the CPU Package Power (W) reported by HWINFO include the GT Cores power, IA Cores power, and PCH power? Is it the total power generated by the full package or does it exclude the other values I listed?

Usually as package is accounted everything the CPU package includes. CPU cores, IGP, uncore parts and some controllers(memory + other).

PCH should be the board’s main chip... the chipset.
HI Zach, the reason I ask is all the parts listed are all included in the Intel CPU package now. There is no Northbridge part outside of the CPU anymore. The PCH is a part of the CPU now. :) However, the CPU does have the ability to report individual internal components power. I am wanting to make sure that the CPU Package Power is the entire package and then these individual components are then listed separately.
Yes I Know that the Northbridge no longer exists. Its the uncore/controllers I mention inside the CPU package.
Though the board still has a chipset and that is usually called PCH.

On older system configurations the PCH (Platform Controller Hub) was consisted of 2 chips. The Northbidge and the Southbridge. On modern systems all the Northbridge hub has moved into the CPU package (same die with cores or not) but the board still has the (no longer called) Southbridge. This is now the PCH (Chipset) on the board.