Intel Dynamic FSB Switching (SLFM)


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First, thank you for a great software. Wow, really.

A question, though. Is it possible to say whether a specific CPU feature isn't available because the CPU doesn't support it or because the BIOS disables / doesn't support it?

Per the thread topic, I'm currently looking at the SLFM mode. On my Toshiba L300 (PSL08C-07R01X), HWiNFO reports "not supported". As I'm currently planning a CPU replacement, I'm wondering whether this is something I could gain at the same time, or whether the BIOS is the limiting factor.

I've been unable to find an official specification that states whether the T6400 (or any of the potential replacements) supports that feature.

Unfortunately in many cases it's not possible to distinguish the case if the CPU doesn't support a feature or it does and it was disabled by BIOS.
I have tried to get Core 2 Duo T6400 Specifications too and find there whether it supports SLFM, but I couldn't find this as well. So I checked few HWiNFO dumps of machines with this CPU (Acer, HP) that I have and it seems neither of them supports SLFM. So I'd say this CPU doesn't support it.
Thank you for this fast and useful reply.

I now have a T9300 in the mail, that should be a noticeable improvement.

Happy Holidays!