Intel XTU voltage offsets are not updated in real-time in version 7.36, Windows 10.


First time poster here ... I'm using Intel's XTU utility to undervolt my new i9-13900K processor. So far so good (I think). But when I adjust and save the voltage offset in the XTU utility, the change is not reflected in HWiNFO. I have to quit and restart the program for the changes to be reflected in HWiNFO.

Secondly, since there are so many system voltages listed in HWiNFO, which one am I changing when I apply my voltage offsets from XTU? Core VID, Uncore VID, VDDQ TX, etc.

Lastly, when I have the all-core P frequencies at 5500MHz and all-core E frequencies at 4300MHz and they are stable during Cinebench R23 10-minute (Throttling) and 30-minute (stability) tests, have I reached the optimum voltage offset, barring further rigorous tests out there? Sorry, I know this question is not about HWiNFO perse but would like to have your insights nonetheless (thanks!).
Voltage offsets are not permanently read by HWiNFO for reasons discussed here several times.
Changing the voltage offset should be reflected in the "final" voltage - Vcore.
Thank that similar to the voltage shown in the Core VIDs sections?

Also, I have a Corsair H150i 360mm AIO plus the their Commander/XT RGB/Fan controllers. Shouldn't they be shown in the HWiNFO?