Is it possible to show VRM Temperatures?

dfg555 said:
Martin said:
AFAIK that board doesn't feature a VRM capable of monitoring its temperature.

I see. I enabled EC/PCH checkboxes and you're right it can only monitor the PCH Temperatures.

Just wondering if you know what temperature 3 4 5 6 are? I noticed that they all change at the same time, it's like they're a single temperature sensor but for some reason the program spits out 4 readings of them.
I don't know about the x470-F, but the previous versions of HWINFO64 showed the same temp 3 4 5 6 values for my B450-E Gaming, but since some bios updates and program version 6.20, there are four named values in their stead. CPU socket temperature, motherboard temperature, chipset temperature, CPU vrm temperature, in that order. I think since the X470-F is a more premium board, it has them too.
The values are not the same, so they are from separate sensors. The current program version cannot read the vrm sensor, but surely it'll be adressed in the future.


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Those values (ASUS WMI sensor) are provided fully by the BIOS so if there's any issue, the BIOS is responsible for it.