Is there a screenshot option for sensors page?


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It's a pretty long page of sensor data, that doesn't fit on the screen, is there a built-in screenshot option that copies or exports to file the whole thing?
There's no such dedicated function. Why don't you use the standard Alt-PrtScr Windows combination?
I've explained in the request, that the window is huge - too much information for printscreen, which means the need to make 4 screenshots @1080p at different scroll levels and then edit these screenshots to merge them together - that's too much tedium.
Even gpu-z has it even though it's small enough there isn't much of a scroll, the window expands and easily printscreenable.
I checked GPU-Z and its screenshot function is similar to the standard Windows PrtScr - it doesn't include items that need to be scrolled. So I don't see much advantage here.
For HWiNFO you can try to expand the window into multiple tables to fit into the screen and then use the standard PrtScr.