Is there no easier way to get the information from HWiNFO?


I've mentioned this before, but it's really starting to become a problem now. I would like to gather a wide variety of information from HWiNFO, but the current plugin is simply too complicated to configure for the average Rainmeter user. I've been avoiding this problem by making a detailed tutorial and setup interface for my skins, but lots of people turn away from using my skins because they say they're too difficult to use.

I know that this can't change overnight, but would there be a way to ease this process a little? Preferably, I would like to have the generic, almost-guaranteed-to-be-there sensors available without needing to put in hexadecimal IDs anywhere. Something like this:


Then, for non-standard sensors, we could probably just keep the current system.

I have no idea what the capabilities of HWiNFO or the plugin are, so I apologize if I'm asking in vain. But if there is a way, I would really appreciate a solution.

Keep up the good work!
There are only few sensors, which are available on all systems (like the System one), others depend on particular hardware.
HWiNFO exports all sensors to plugins, so it's up to them to how they decide to process this information.
Perhaps creating a GUI tool (similar to the HWiNFOSharedMemoryViewer) which would show all sensor values and based on user choice would then generate the INI file for RainMeter would make this much simpler.
That was one of the alternate ideas I entertained. However, I'm really looking for a way to do it automatically.

I think another possibility would be to make a file that can be created on demand, containing a list of Sensors, their instances, and their entries in a clean format (JSON?) that could be parsed easily. Something along the lines of the current dump capability, but cleaner. Then I could write a LUA script to parse this data, and possibly do a lot of the configuring automatically based on the sensor names or something like that. I already toyed with this idea using the current dump file, but the problem is that it doesn't correlate the sensors with the instances and entries.