[Issue] Temperature Readings are incorrect



I like to highlight this as this is a special Edition ASRock Z790 PG Sonic board, I am getting the wrong readings as follow.
Will the be a fix on this? thank you very much!

Hi Martin, thank you for your fast response. Is there anything you need at my end? As in info log or such to help you out. Thank you.
Thanks. I think I have all I need and will also fix the wrong "+1.05V PROC" and "+0.82V PCH" voltages.
Hi Martin. it's been almost 3 months and was wondering if this is fix? I am still not getting the correct readings.

maybe these additional info might help. if you need any info at my end, kindly let me know. thank you.

and I am using this board.
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Use "CPU (PECI)" for CPU temperature and ignore Aux (this will be removed in the next build).
Hi Martin, got you. yes infact I monitor this alot. reason why am asking cos I make use of your OSD for PC builds reviews at my channel. btw where can I look for the VRM temperature? as I tried searching. thank you!
VRM temperature depends on mainboard capabilities. For that mainboard it might be shown under a dedicated VRM sensor if supported.