Laptop very slow / blue screen / ballistic fans


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Hi there,

A friend of mine has a laptop that's really struggling to stay alive. I asked him to make a Report and a Debug file, so you guys (the online help-me-out community) could maybe discover what's causing his laggy laptop.

Problems are:
- After using the laptop for a couple of hours it will start to behave slower and slower, to the point that the laptop just freezes or gives a blue screen. 
- When this happens, the fans will go mental.

He already performed a full format of his laptop, making no difference in behaviour.

Do you guys have any idea what could be the cause of these problems?    

Thanks in advance,



  • report-2-Giesen-pc.HTM
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  • HWiNFO64.DBG
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I'm afraid from the attached reports it's not possible to determine the reason.
First, I'd suggest to open Sensors and check the temperatures, throttling status and system load.