Large discrepancy between Tctl/Tdie and "CPU Die (average)"


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I was wondering why there is a large difference between the Tctl/Tdie temperatures and the "CPU Die (average)" reading? The Tctl and Tdie temps are quite close together and don't seem to move much when I run prime95. The screenshot attached is just idle temperatures.

I'm on an EPYC 7551P processor.


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We've already seen such large discrepancy on some EPYC CPUs, but don't know why this is so.
It's quite likely that the "CPU Die (average)" is not accurate on some EPYC CPUs.
Pretty odd. I was wondering why my temps were so bad lol.

I seem to also be getting some performance issues with this processor after it has been on for a couple of hours, I wonder if it is somehow damaged.
But anyways, thanks for the swift response! Glad to hear that I can probably just ignore the high reading