Large gap between DTS and Enhanced CPU temperature.


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The following are the temperatures for DTS and enhanced sensor respectively.


Core Temp 26 degrees

CPU Package 29 degrees

Core Max 28 degrees

Enhanced: (this sensor fluctuates wildly but seems to sit between 37 and 42)

CPU Package 41 degrees

CPU IA Cores 41 degrees

Should I be worried about the high temps on the other sensor? I'm trying to establish a baseline for my idle temps. I'm assuming my BIOS, Afterburner, and GPU-Z all use the DTS as the temps there are identical. Apologies for my ignorance; I'm very new to this.


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I'm trying to establish a baseline for my idle temps.
Your room temperature this is not stable, four seasonal baseline charts this makes more sense.
Use the software utility that comes with your motherboard, so to discover what sensors the manufacturer prefer as default.

Similar question, higher laptop temperatures. Seeing significant temperature difference for CPU Package between DTS and Enhanced. Not sure which are accurate?

Usually, Enhanced is higher by ~5-10 °C but seen it as high as 18 °C. Occasionally noticed it flip so DTS was ~5 °C higher.

For the same test period, had a max CPU Package temp of:
93 °C - DTS
101 °C - Enhanced
92 °C - "CPU" from Acer's monitoring app, which shows a temperature different from either.


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The DTS values should be reporting correct temperatures but it seems this system is using an additional offset for triggering thermal throttling.
Try to open graphs for both temperatures and the thermal throttling flag as well so we can see to which of them this correlates.
Instead of multiple graphs you could also log the values and attach the result here.
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Attached 2 scenarios.

Running Cinebench, they both hit the same max 93 °C and thermal throttled simultaneously. Current temp difference of 13 °C.

Brief gaming, max 87 °C and 96 °C. Graphs look close, but not exactly identical. Current temp difference of 9 °C.

I suspect my thermal paste isn't applied properly in case that may be a factor.


I noticed the Acer app seems to have a ~6 second sample rate, which likely explains its difference (not always a negligible 1 °C).


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That looks like the difference in values is due to different sampling time/points when the temperature is frequently fluctuating.
This happens to my i9-12900KS as well. I could understand if it's sampling difference, but the Enhanced temperature is constantly higher than DTS temperature. Sometimes the difference is greater than 10 degrees.

Screenshot 2022-10-29 101551.png
Yes, if I leave it open for a period of time, the Min and Max are pretty much the same. What I don't understand is that if it's sampling difference, why the Enhanced is always higher than DTS? Shouldn't they show higher temps and lower temps randomly?
I'm also wondering about the gap between DTS and enhanced sensor, and which one I should trust more. Am on a Dell Precision 7750 workstation laptop. Trying to figure out if there is something wrong with the laptop or if these temperatures can be normal.

On the DTS sensor while 4k video editing I'm getting readings of 100 Celsius maximum and also throttling is measured. However, the enhanced sensor measures up to 106 celsius, which seems a little hot to me. Which one is correct? And should I be concerned about these readings, is there something wrong with the computer? The throttling is quite noticeable at times, and using LatencyMon I'm also getting latency every few minutes even when just idling.
We asked Intel several times about this difference but never got a good answer. My assumption is that the Enhanced sensor might be intentionally using some offset to maintain fan control or it's based on averaging a different interval.