Latency drop when starting the app


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hello everyone, so my problem is driving me crazy lately and its whenever i open hwinfo it does increase dpc latency drastically and i managed to figure that out thank to an app called 'latencyMon' .I've tested multiple times with multiple apps such as CPU_Z and the problem is that when scanning a or something this latency occurs which can be disruptive cause if you're playing audio in the background its screechs and lags the whole pc, can anyone help me figure whats that component excatly ? and thanks alot
Such increase in DPC latency is due to accessing certain hardware resources that requires high priority. It can happen during the initial scan of hardware, but further run (i.e. continuous sensor monitoring) should not be triggering this. I'm afraid, there aren't many possibilities how to fix/improve this. You might try to disable some options (i.e. EC Support, Drive Scan), but that will cause loss of reporting/monitoring of those components.
Thank you Martin for your quick response. Sadly i have to live with it :) , but the thing is i know this is not really your app but maybe you have an info , cause i really want to know whats the component causing this , i tried in cpu_z ini file to disable the pci bus scan and it worked actually there's no latency jump can that help you so i can troubleshoot that ?
HWiNFO performs a lot more low level accesses than CPU-Z, so it's most likely something else. Try the above options I mentioned.
i tried your options , so i literally disabled every option in hwinfo settings and this latency still jumps im really wondering , and im doing because even though its rare but sometimes the latency jump when im just using the laptop so im trying to figure the thing thats causing it maybe i can fix it
There are dozens (perhaps hundreds) of different operations performed during HWiNFO scan so it's difficult to track down which exactly is causing this. Even if, it's quite possible that disabling such operation would cripple the functionality of HWiNFO to an unacceptable level.
that's fully understable Martin thanks , by any means im not the only one who had this problem right ? it's not like a faulty hardware or pc . Cause i bought my laptop very recently.