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Hi Martin,

is there no way to report the cpu fan speed from Latitude E6410?

you have already the dumps from another thread.

thanks for advice.

HWiNFO supports a proprietary interface to read fan speeds for several DELL machines, but in this case it seems the system always reports 0 RPM and thus HWiNFO won't show the fan.

now i know.

cause the fan was there before showing zero for minimum, zero for current and another 2000 value for max.
i heared that the fan was running and wondered why hwinfo reported zero for current.

i wanted to ask you why.

so today i looked into again and did not find the fan anymore.

this is strange, if you had max of about 2000, there must have been reported a value higher than zero before.

so it seems, that it reports ...

how can this be?

I don't know how fast the fan spins in reality. Maybe it's a bug in the firmware that it doesn't properly report the speed and most of the time it says just 0.
it seems, that hwinfo cannot read the speed under a certain value.

if the fan runs faster, hwinfo reads the value fine.

may be i should wait until the fan runs faster and send you a debug file with theses readings.

sorry, don't understand.

i send you the report, what hwinfo reports.

and also the concerning debugfile.

i do not want hwinfo to report other values ...


I don't understand either - what do expect from HWiNFO ? It only displays the speed that the machine/firmware tells.
yes ofcourse.

but the fan is not displayed all time.

it appears, disappears and nobody knows why.

why not just display the fan all the time.

if the fan does not display the right values, the user may disable it.

this is what i mean.

also, if hwinfo reports zero, may be this is a reading error, cause this appears under a certain threshold.

just an idea,

or the value is spread over two bytes and hwinfo just reads one of them.

i'm more midi specialist ...   :cool:

anyway, if the fan would be contantly diplayed this would be helpful.

thanks for your advice.

Ah, now I understand.
This has been explained a few times here on the forum. The problem is that it's impossible to know whether a fan reporting 0 RPM is just not spinning (stopped), or not present at all.
So HWiNFO shows the fan only after it gets an indication that it's spinning and thus present. Otherwise the screen would list a lot of fans not present in the system with 0 RPM.
yes i know that,

but in this case the fan delivers values over a certain threshold.

so if this happens once, hwinfo could allow this fan to be displayed from now on even if it displays zero from time to time.

imagine a fan controler, that enables / disables a fan, say it does not tune the speed, but switches between on and off.

it would be nevertheless nice, if this fan could be displayed all the time.

i would be very thankful, if you could enable this.

just want to add this:

there are lot of other fault parameters reported in hwinfo, which the user just disables,
so why not let the user select, if he wants to display a certain fan or not.


OK, will try to do that in the next build. But only for this case because it seems to allow to detect some sort of fan presence.
Martin said:
OK, will try to do that in the next build. But only for this case because it seems to allow to detect some sort of fan presence.

thanks martin,

working fine in curent beta build.