Lite Mode


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Hello Martin, firstly, thank you for HWInfo, I've used it on and off on several systems over the years, and found it most useful, in a surprisingly wide range of circumstances, from debugging or initially differentiating hardware/software/firmware issues, to standard issue, permanent home in my tool box.

I'm not sure if anyone has requested this before, but searching the forum came up empty, but have you ever considered a lite mode?

I know this might sound strange, but having a "profile" that just monitors temperature, CPU, GPU, maybe mb, etc, and enable fan control by default would be really handy.

I am also wondering if that might already be possible, through your implementation of saving settings? Customise a cut down monitoring and fan profile settings, save that via the gui, and then load that on another system, or in my case more likely after a new OS install. Would that work?

Maybe my use case is a bit left of centre, but basically I find myself starting off with all your default settings, then monitoring and tweaking, and monitoring etc, once I'm happy with things, pretty much all I want is a cut down monitoring, temps, throttling, fan control, a few clocks and cpu, gpu related utilisations.
In this instance, all the rest is overkill and info clutter, potentially obscuring the critical info, that could indicate potential hardware damage.

Please don't get me wrong, all the new features and logging you've implemented through the HWInfo development is awesome, and very VERY useful, just not in ever case. 

Also, might it be an idea to add a GUI feature to implement   OpenFanCtrlMin=1   that's actually a really useful option.
I only just discovered that one after some searching here, and considering all the other auto start, minimise features already in settings, I didn't realise this feature existed. It's MUCH nicer not to have to remember to open fan control every time I boot.

Anyway, thanks again for a very cool little tool, much more powerful than it first appears.
This is a very individual feature because every user prefers a different operating mode, sensors, values, order, etc. That's why HWiNFO allows to change so many settings and customize it. Also because of the huge variety of different systems and thus different sensors and their values available, this would be quite difficult to implement.
You can customize HWiNFO a lot, even select if you want to see temperatures, voltages, etc. only and many other settings. These settings are preserved in registry and can be exported using the "Backup User Settings" option and imported back. However, any sensor-specific user settings (i.e. renamed sensor values) are applicable only to systems featuring the same sensors.
Also note that Fan Control is not an official HWiNFO feature and it has been implemented for only few special machines (where no other tool was able to do that) without any guarantee for extension. So I don't want to publish this feature officially to avoid getting zillions of requests for fan control of all kinds of systems (for many of them it's not even possible to do it) ;)