Logitech LCD Plugin


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I've found 1 Bug and 1 misfortunate thing.

Build being used: HWiNFO64 Version 4.31-2081

Bug: Core #1 Usage cannot be shown, if I activate it its simple not present on the screen
I've put it on Screen: 1; Line: 10; Column: 1; Font: 14

I also switched the Lines but its not working. I've put it to column 2 with Core #0 on Column 1 and both are not shown.

Misfortunate thing: Color of Core #5 is very hard to read. Maybe another more contrast color than dark purple should be used on a black screen :-X.

So far
Does that mean that no matter which value you choose to be displayed, it is not visible on the LCD ?
In case you're using an older version of the Logitech LCD software, you might try to upgrade it to the latest version. There were some issues with older versions.
Regarding the color of items, you can change them as you want - these are the same colors as those chosen for tray icons, so you can change them in the Tray tab.