m17x r3 problem with HWiNFO32


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M17x r3 laptop
pcu: i7 2820qm
gpu: nvidia gtx 485m

when i try to use hwinfo32, invariably after about 20-30 minutes the program freezes. however, if the fan is set to manual, it does not stop. after closing the program, it will not reopen. the fan does not stop unless power is turned off; when turned back on, fan resumes at manual speed. once closed, hwinfo32 doesn't show up in task manager under apps, but still shows in processes. process cannot be stopped. this prevents the laptop from going into sleep mode.

any ideas? i realize that I'm using a gpu in a laptop it was not meant for, but would that affect how this application runs?
No, I don't think that GPU could cause such problem with HWiNFO32.
Please describ more precisely the conditions that lead to the freeze and what actions you need to do.
Does HWiNFO32 freeze when you have Sensors open and monitoring? Or do you have the Fan Control active too?
Does it freeze when you don't open the Sensors or don't use the Fan Control?
sorry, it's when i have sensors open. i don't have to have fan control on for it to freeze (i've experimented)
Please attach a screenshot of the Sensors page when active and (if possible) of the situation when it freezes.