Main Window Menu Settings Not Visible in Dark Mode


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I'm running the Portable PAF version of HWInfo but also tested the latest Beta portable version and get the same results: as the Topic of this post says, there is no menu visibility in Dark Mode. Is this a bug or is there a setting I'm missing? Any thoughts are appreciated. See screenshots below

HWInfo Menu Visibility 1.JPGHWInfo Menu Visibility 2.JPG
You need to press the Alt key for the menu to show up. This is intentional as the menu wasn't ported to Dark Mode yet (not a simple/straight task).
@ Martin

Thanks for that. Is that documented somewhere or is it currently "tribal knowledge"? Apparently the Alt key is a toggle (on/off) - and the toggle is only during current session. But at least now I know.

Regardless, thanks for the zippy reply and for the solution.

Love what you do. Seriously.
It's not documented, the Alt key is a standard way of reaching menus or shortcuts in applications.
Once I can successfully port the menu into Dark mode, it will be shown by default, but some controls are more complicated to port.
Thanks. You prioritize what you have to prioritize - that feature is a minor inconvenience, but I would suggest finding a way to incorporate Alt key usage into the release notes of each version... Kind of like the first line of the release notes might say something like:

**NOTE: In Dark Mode use the Alt key to toggle the menu display.

Don't listen to me... I'm just thinking out loud and trying to be helpful.