Make HWINFO More Advanced !


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I am currently using both HWINFO and AIDA64.
However i would prefer using ONLY HWINFO if the developers will extend it's functionality !
Sadly many, many useful thing are missing in HWINFO and it is a shame to not add them like others did, SIW or AIDA64 !

An example that is of extreme use to me is bellow as in the CPU WATTAGE:
HWINFO reports ONLY 15 WATT where the counter part AIDA64 is reporting CORRECTLY all the modes 10 WATT (battery saver mode), 54 WATT (performance mode) and 15 WATT (intelligent mode).

Another important aspect will be the GPU drivers capabilities such as DirectX Video Support
As can be seen on AIDA64 it says correctly that the GPU is DirectX 11_1 capable of video Encoding/Decoding
Such wonderful feature lacks entirely in HWINFO, why ?!

Also very useful is GPU extended report

And again GPGPU capabilities

You can't have a software called HWINFO if it lacks the most important thing of all, the BRIDGE between the user and it's HARDWARE.. THE DRIVERS, SOFTWARE Capabilities !
Again i find HWINFO to be a mislead title and it should be called SENSOR INFO !

But again i could be wrong and my view maybe doesn't represent the "HWINFO" DEVELOPERS VIEW after all !

NOTE: Compare AIDA64 capabilities with "HWINFO".
As for me i just can't have 2 (two) programs anymore and i need only 1 (one), and the the one that is more complete and more informative always win the interview !

Thanks and may that this post will not pass unnoticed or end in the "trash bin" !
So you say this program should not be called HWiNFO because it lacks some Software information. Totally logical.

Tell me did you notice something STATIC in the above screenshots, i will give you a clue it has dark theme.
Would you find that LOGICAL to present that STATIC info to the world wide multi millions of users as relevant information regarding their GPU's & iGPU's ?!
If so then again the software's name "HWINFO" should be called "SENSORSINFO", it's the most rational perspective, agree ?!