Matisse: with BUS-clock based CPU frequency measurement enabled, high BCLK is reported if set lower than 100.00 MHz


Hi Martin,

If BCLK is set lower than the default 100.00MHz, measured BCLK will be really high. As you would expect, that only happens if the readout is bus-clock based.
Unchecking HPET does not have an effect. Enabling spread spectrum does not have an effect besides reading the expected -0.2 MHz value
If BCLK is set higher than 100.00Mhz, the bug does not happen, but readout seems to stay fixed at 100.00 MHz even if I set 100.1250MHz (from the sensors window)

Set at 99.9375 MHz:
100.0625 MHz:

I tested on older HWinfo versions and it happens as well
Apologies if this has been reported before but I did not find anything for this specifically. I have attached the report. DBG file is too big to attach here



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Please compress the DBG file (ZIP, RAR, 7z, ..) and attach it, I need to see that one.