max ram temp 47.8 every day


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Hi all, im new here and used hwinfo for year's
my question is every day for months now my memory hits max temp of 47.8 (no more, just 47.8) on both sticks.

my system is , 13900ks, z790 apex

G.Skill 48GB (2x24GB) F5-8000J4048F24GX2-TZ5RK Trident Z5 RGB 8000MHz DDR5 RAM, (at 8000MHz )​

a friend has same system and also hits 47.8 temp daily
any ideas as why

cheers m8
If you aren't using other monitoring tools with HWiNFO then it could be a glitch of the sensor. The DDR5 SPD and PMIC sensors are not very reliable from my experience.
i think my m8 solved it, we both have a 2nd m.2 hard drive with an old os with hw on it , have deleted it form that hard drive and its not hit 47.8 yet, will keep fingers x'ed and let you know in a day or two, cheers m8 for your fast reply ;)