Maximum PC installs for Engineer License ?


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I have a 1-person micro-company, that installs max 50 PCs for restaurants pro year.
I'd like to remotely monitor them, if any of those PCs are failing. (Overheating CPU, failing SSD ... )

Do I understand it right, that :
- If I buy one single Engineer license for my 1-man company,
- I can install this licensed program to any number of PCs,
- and monitor up (5+1)^5 = ~ 7700 of them from my office? (Need only ca 200.)
Yes, the Engineer license doesn't have a limit to number of installs.
The number of remote systems connected to one machine is currently (due to performance reasons) limited to 300.
Thank you for the quick answer, that sounds awesome!
I will download a trial version and test it.

What is the recommended way to purchase from Hungary (central Europe) ? When :
1. I do not wish to directly type my Mastercard data to the web browser,
2. and I do not have PayPal or other virtual wallets.

Is simple bank transfer possible?
Maybe through a local reseller? (Are there any?)