Memory leak

I am an experiencing a consistent memory leak.
hwinfo.exe will leak gigabytes of ram over a few hours, 1-5gb easy.
CPU usage will also slowly increase till its heating up my CPU and my fans start roaring.

Disabling all of the sensors doesn't seem to stop the leak, I will keep testing/isolating and report findings.
I have disabled all logging and monitoring for unused items.
I tried disabling GPU Power based on suggestions from other threads, as well as all of the sensors.

OS: Windows 11 64bit
HWInfo Version: 7.36-4960
System: Intel i7-12700KF, AMD 6900XT, Gigabyte Z690M AORUS ELITE AX DDR4

All my drivers should be the latest available as well as HWInfo version.

UPDATE (Resolved)
The leak was actually from an Elgato Stream Deck Plugin which has a hwinfo.exe that had/has a leak.
I deleted the plugin and now there is no hwinfo.exe to leak.


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As first please try to completely Reset Preferences in HWiNFO if that will help.
If not, please attach the HWiNFO Debug File so I can check further details.
I will do that.
I can confirm with no sensors monitoring and a fresh hwinfo.exe, it has leaked 300mb in 3.5hrs or so.
How much memory usage is expected normally?
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I have now backed up my prefs, reset, enabled debug, reloaded (killed), run, and here is the output after it scanned (attached).
I will later report back about the leak, though by the looks of it, its still leaking.

[File removed]
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Please don't restore the old settings. Try to run with clear preferences and let me know if it still leaks.
Its still leaking, 85mb+ already, I didn't restore the old settings.
At a speed of roughly 270mb per hour.


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That's a huge leak. I'm trying to reproduce this on a similar system but can't see any leak there. So I'm wondering whether this is caused by some other drivers or libraries.
It's not easy to diagnose such issue remotely...
Try to disable the Drive Scan.
I have disabled the drive scan and reloaded. Its 40mb at 8 minutes, and growing. Will update again after some time.
Its now at around 80mb at 17 minutes, sounds like a hard leak still.

I'm not sure what else might be causing the issue.
I have more than average amount of hardware, VR, streamer type setup with screens, cams, and mics, but in terms of sensors, probably not that interesting.
I am using RTSS as well, I will close that and see if it stops growing (nope, its still growing).


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Sorry, finding the cause is not easy here.. Some other things I'd propose:
- Disable monitoring of sensors one by one by hitting Del over the sensor header if you can find one causing the leak
- Try to run in Summary-only mode
Summary only mode, (40mb at 8 minutes, leak).
Sensor only mode, I selected everything and hit Del (42mb at 8 minutes, leak).
Still leakin'

If the HwInfo UI is not run, the hwinfo.exe doesn't seem to leak, for the most part the process seems suspended and hovers around 8mb.
If the HwInfo UI is run, but do not select any options, and do not "Start", (36mb at 8 minutes, leak).


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Hmm, 40MB isn't that much. Important is if the memory usage is gradually increasing over time.
Agreed, but in all the cases at 8 minutes it is consistently rising.
It doesn't allocate then sit; It eats 1mb every few seconds and is never freed.

What is your test system's memory usage like?
Would rerunning one of the tests longer be useful? Perhaps just the UI without starting in any mode, overnight, if thats 1gb+ then surely its leaking badly.
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I'm wondering why you have a hwinfo.exe with no icon in Task Manager (and Process Explorer). Usually, HWiNFO's executables are named HWiNFO64.exe and HWiNFO32.exe and don't have a description like "hwinfo.exe". Did you rename the executable? Even then I have no idea why this process is listed without an icon...

All these little things lead me to believe that this hwinfo.exe is not the HWiNFO this forum is about.

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Are you using the latest version of the StreamDeck plugin? Seems there was a leak fixed recently (in 2.0.3 probably).