Memory module name?


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I'm trying to learn how to use hwinfo64 with rainmeter, so far I've been able to display things that I wanted and learnt a lot from this wonderful forum.  :)

But there's one thing that I haven't been able to find any info (maybe I searched using the wrong keywords), that is the memory module name (?) or whatever you called it (not a tech person here). If I open the summary, I can see that memory module info like the screenshot, but when I open the sensors, I can't find it. I can't use hwinfo shared memory viewer to find it's ID. I found the memory usage ID, and the temperature, but not the name that looks just like in the summary.

Is it something that is supposed to be or am I missing something? and is it possible to obtain the same info from the hwinfo shared memory viewer?  :-/




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Memory module names are not exposed in sensors, I don't see a reason or way why/how to include them there.

thanks for the reply. :)

Is there a way to display them? I found info on how to display the CPU and GPU names in this forum, but haven't found one on this subject. Or maybe you can point me to where I can read about the 'how-to'?