Memory modules not discovered and populated in summary / detailed view


Dear Forum,

As per title, I do not see any of the memory modules (12 installed out of 24 slots right now) in the summary tab - it is empty:


Also, individual modules in the list is not being populated correctly

and the only way to pull any basic information is via SMBIOS DMI tree but even there information is incomplete it seems.


Debug logs were pulled are attached, as required. Please let me know if there is anything else I can provide to help look into it in more detail



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Such server/workstation systems usually don't allow access to DIMM SPDs to read detailed memory parameters.
This is because the channel is permanently used for temperature monitoring (TSOD polling) and can't access SPD in that mode.
It's also not possible to temporary disable TSOD polling as the memory controller seems to be locked.
So I'm afraid there's no known solution to this.
Thank you, I am learning a lot. Curious fact here - it does seem to work on Cisco C220 M4 without any issues, but fails on Dell.