Memory modules not showing up


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Hi Guys,

I just installed version 7.40-5000, and my laptop's two memory modules do not show up in the System Summary screen. The laptop is an Eluktronics MECH-17 GP with Intel i9-12900H. The modules appeared in the previous version. Each memory module is Samsung DDR5 4800Mhz 32Gb.

Thanks for any help on this!
Please provide the HWiNFO Debug File of the previous and latest version of HWiNFO so I can check in detail why this happens.
Hi Martin!

The memory modules decided to appear in HWinfo today. I did NOT change anything. Weird, but I did notice that when HWinfo starts up and reviews the hardware, it slightly pauses on the memory configuration, but continues. I've attached the debug reports for the current version (7.40-5000) because I completely removed the previous version. Sorry about that.


Are you maybe using some other system monitoring or tweaking tools? They could be conflicting with HWiNFO and causing such issues.
Hi Martin!

I've been using Task Manager and Eluktronics Control Center, which monitors fan speed, amount of memory allocated, etc.
Try without the Eluktronics Control Center, it might be causing that problem and also delaying/blocking HWiNFO.
It seems to be okay today. The memory modules are showing up in HWiNFO. I don't know what caused that issue, but if it happens again, I'll post a message. Thanks!