Memory rank Max


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I have launched a ROG RealBench stress test on My system.
Hwinfo64 was opened during the test for monitoring.

After several Hours of test , a value called "memory rank Max 3" has appeared in hwinfo monitoring.
It Was not present when I opened hwinfo64 just at the beginning of the test. It appeared during the test. 

Why ?
How is it possible a value appears during the test ?

Should I worry ?

What is this memory rank Max value which appears during the test ?

Thank you
Such appearing of a value can happen if a sensor didn't provide valid values before and started to do so.
There's no need to worry about this. It should represent the maximum temperature across a particular memory rank.
What is Strange is That this value only appears during realbench stress test .
I did not see It appearing yet With OCCT or aida64 Stress test.
What is PP0 value below CPU package température ?
Seems to be same températures as CPU package....
In fact, I have 5°C less on PP0 than CPU Package for the "Current value".
But for the "Maximum value" after a stress test, both "Maximum" values are the same