Memory Reference Clock only half BCLK? BCLK 100, MRC only 50


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Hi guys and girls,

Strange issue here. Both HWInfo and CPU-Z shows the incorrect BCLK/DRAM Frequency.

Before anyone says anything, I understand that most monitoring software only states half the effective memory.

ASUS x99 Deluxe
Corsair HX1000i PSU
Geforce GTX 1080
Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR4 2400 4 x 4gb (quad channel)

The problem is with the ratio and memory multi.

BLCK is manually set to 100 in BIOS, BCLK/DRAM Frequency manually set to 100:100.

So HWInfo should show a DRAM clock of 1200mhz, and a memory reference clock of 100mhz or thereabouts.

But it doesn't. It shows the correct base frequency (1200), but the multi is x24, indicating that my BCLK is incorrectly set at 50mhz.

I have confirmed this in CPU-Z, which shows the same clock with the ratio of 1:24.


Current system memory clock: 1200mhz (all good)

Current system memory clock ratio: 24

Current system memory clock: 50.0mhz

Latency settings are fine.

I have confirmed BCLK and ratio are manually 100 and 100:100 respectively in the BIOS.

And I have massive latency issues in AIDA testing and visibly.

I have reflashed the latest BIOS, cleared CMOS, reinstalled Windows to confirm that none of them were the cause. The RAM has also passed MemTest86, full runs at both 2400 and 2666, so it's not the issue.

I have also tried running the RAM at BCLK/DRAM Frequency 100:133, in which CPU-Z changes my ratio to 1:18 which still indicates that my BCLK is at half (66.67mhz).

Can someone please advise. Is this because I'm running quad channel? Do single and dual setups show the full BCLK/system memory clock while quad channel only displays half (i.e. 50mhz)?

Martin, are you able to confirm whether quad channel MRC is reported differently to single/dual? Love your work too mate.

Thank all for your input.

A screenshot of HWiNFO sensors mode and a CPU-Z would be nice.

Like these:

1617633766669.png 1617633782699.png


and maybe a HWiNFO summary


A screenshot of HWiNFO sensors mode and a CPU-Z would be nice.

Like these:

View attachment 6241 View attachment 6242

View attachment 6243

and maybe a HWiNFO summary

View attachment 6244
Hey Zach,

If you couldn't understand or provide any input whatsoever, based on my post above, then screenshots would have done you no good.

But no problem mate, solved. For some reason, unlike single/dual channel DIMM setups, reporting tools such as HWiNFO and CPU-Z only report half BLCK for quad channel (reread above if unsure, 50mhz instead of 100mhz for example). This ups the memory multi to cater for the DIMM frequency, which was my initial cause for concern.

Have confirmed this with other quad channel owners. I can only assume it is because the split DIMMs on either side of the CPU socket confuses reporting.

Take care bud!
I highly doubt that any tool would report half BCLK for quad channel systems, as memory channel configuration has no relation to it. I'm into this 20 years and I've never heard of it or see it.
That's why I asked for screenshot(s). If it's so difficult for you to post a few screenshots that will take less than 5 min to post then Ok.