Memory timing and memory frequency detection errors


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The memory timing detected by AIDA64 and CPU-Z is the same, and the memory timing detected by HWiNzFO64 is different from theirs
When I inserted 2 identical pieces of memory on my computer, HWiNzFO64 detected the current memory frequency error, checked 2 1333.3MHz memory, and the current memory frequency showed 297.9 MHz

On the first image I can see it properly reporting 1333 MHz.
Check what BCLK is reported when it's off, it might be due to:
The first figure is that the reading frequency of my computer is correct when only 1 memory is plugged in, but the read memory clock is still inaccurate, and the clock value read by CPU-Z and AIDA64 is different.
The second figure is that the frequency of reading after inserting 2 pieces of memory is reduced.