Missing Sensor - Asus ROG Zenith Extreme

Amazing program..

It's properly showing 2 of my 3 fans.  CPU and Chasis.

CPU_OPT is not showing.  I do have Asus AI Suite running, which monitors things of course - and it does show the fan speed.  I realize there could be a conflict with two programs looking at data at the same time, but all other data is showing properly.

Figured I'd report it.

Again, amazingly mature tool.  Developers should be very proud...
Thank you.
Indeed, there can be problem running ASUS AI Suite with any other monitoring tools, because AI Suite doesn't support any mechanism to synchronize with other tools.
Have you checked under the ASUS EC sensor (assuming you have not disabled that sensor) if you see the CPU OPT fan there?
If it's not showing up, please attach the HWiNFO Debug File for analysis.
Son of a gun.

I looked there before thinking it might be there, but I missed it.

It is indeed there. Ugh I'm stupid sometimes :)
I am surprised that they are not both the same speed. One off by 30rpm. Identical fans. (830 vs 834)

About 4%. Which is just a little more than I'd expect. I wish I could see if they are both being commanded the same speed and there is one less efficient fan that I could swap (while I still have a spare around)
30 RPM is a small difference I believe. Also the measurement is certainly not 100% accurate.