Missing Sensor value in beta


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I am using an ASUS Z690-P D4 and in version 7.14.4610 it is showing a sensor called IMC VDD
in the beta version 7.15.4630 this sensory is missing and is replaced by Dram voltage

These voltages differ one from the other but are still correlated, the IMC VDD is quite high at 1.65v and scales linerarly with DRAM voltage (set at 1.5v), reducing DRAM voltage will reduce sensory value IMC VDD
Is the sensor IMC VDD on current stable version being misread? that voltage shouldn't be too high and I am feeling more and more concerned but at the same time I am confused as
it is missing in the more updated versions of HWInfo


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Version 7.15 Beta is showing the correct value - DDR4 boards monitor the DRAM voltage and DDR5 ones the IMC VDD.