Missing sensors after update



I recenly update HWINFO 64 from 4.38 to 4.50 and I found something is mising

such as GPU Memory allocated, Gpu Memory Usage etc.

So, How can I get them back?

I try to reinstall V4.38 agian but it's doesn't work.
Have you maybe changed order of sensors? If that's the case, try to click "Restore Original Order" in the Layout tab of Sensor config.
Or do you have a multi-GPU system?
Please provide more information, like screenshots, etc.
Thank you for reply. My system isn't multi gpu and click "Restore Original Order" it doesn't work

HWINFO64 V4.50

HWINFO64 V4.38

My System
CoreI5 3450 RAM 8GB VGA Radeon HD 7770 1GB
"GPU Memory allocated" was never reported for AMD GPUs by HWiNFO. Only D3D memory usage is reported.
It is possible to report "GPU Memory Utilization" for some AMD GPUs, but not for yours.
Are you sure those values were really reported before ?
Yes, you see in the picture I renamed "GPU Memory allocated" to "gpu mem" but it's disapear now.

On v 3.95 I was monitoroing GPU Power Consumption I can't remember the original name but it's gone too

I believe the "GPU Mem" you renamed was actually the "GPU D3D Memory Dedicated" value, which is still present. It's name was just somehow lost.
There is (and never was) no other GPU Memory allocated value for AMD GPUs reported.
As for GPU Power, this is hard to say when I don't know more details which exact sensor that was.
Ok, So I try to monitor GPU D3D Memory Dedicated but this is show only 500 mb ram vga usage for GTA IV?

or Do I have problem with my sensors?

and How's about gpu power consumption on the borderlands 2 picture ?
Try to run for a while if that value goes up, or check back in HWiNFO for the max value reached.
You might also have a look at the "GPU D3D Memory Dynamic" value.