Missing stats 6900 XT win11 22H2

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Not sure about no ADL but memory clock speed is missing on my 6900 XT it does show in amd control panel
Maybe i am just blind, i am on windows 11 22H2 i think its related to that again.
screenshot of what is showing.
from AMD control panel.

If i uncheck prefer AMD ADL it does not seem to make a difference.
ran it couple of seconds will upload a bigger file if you need to later.


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Thanks. This seems to be an issue of the GPU driver, probably happened after a driver update.
But I can fix this and not rely on the driver, this will be done in the next Beta build.
Yeah appearntly the oficial drivers always error during install as well on 22h2 and can even do consistent issues like when you clean install them its like your entire motherboard any hardware connected fully drops out all while remaining functional then after a minute everything comes slowly back alive perhaps i should try the new wdm driver but it does not have a functional control panel :|
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Saw the beta installed it memory frequency is reporting wrong i think its just reporting it in single data rate instead of its usual double rate not sure it should report around 2000 mhz at full 3D clocks usually and it does 995 in hwinfo
I wonder if it also corrects it self if i go back to non beta and install the wdm drivers or if it should not do this regardless, the driver installer consistencly errors currently on 22H2 with amd drivers however wdm drivers have no amd control panel, might give windows to go a try on usb stick to quickly test later tonight while re downloading the 22H2 iso
HWiNFO was always reporting the memory command clock value instead of the effective rate. If you go back, HWiNFO will report the values from driver as before.
I found a way to fix driver installer need uninstall remove it and do driver only then follow up with full install it will only install remaining driver software and it does not even do river only when selecting clean install haven't tested yet with wdm may do that later or tommorow will follow up on that, could probably give windows 21h2 with same amd driver a try as well to see if its purely 22H2
be useful if had a rollback to stable release button without having to do a whole reinstall of hwinfo
Beta fix for memory missing is appearntly for nothing its purely driver install issue its failing to install whole driver unless you uninstall driver and do driver only and followup after reboot with full install im seeing memory again on 7.26.-48000
Just to verify marked in screenshot.
Probably should've tested everything first before doing bug report sorry for wasting your time.
If its useful here is dbg file after i did proper install on 22h2 with driver only to full install amd installer is broken and not installing everything it seems otherwise sorry for repetive posting.


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