Missing VRM data on B550 extreme4 board

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Hi everybody!
Can someone explain, where are all the data from VR module, including MOS temps, voltages, currents, etc. ?
RAA 229004 - SIC654 combo definitely is able to report those.
B550 steel legend seem to report correctly, despite being almost identical to mine, with added 2 on-board power buttons
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You're right, the B550 Extreme4 should support it like the B550 Steel Legend but wasn't included in HWiNFO. I will add this support in the next (Beta) build.
I will add this support in the next (Beta) build
Confirmed )) Thanks!
Don't wanna comment on the reasons it wasn't there initially?


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Thanks for the feedback. This VRM is a bit "special" and required dedicated per-mainboard enabling, which was omitted for some models.
Oh, i saw its peculiarity as I couldn't find its datasheet ))
As well as can't find a way to determine its i2c address and device ID.
while linux pmbus driver has support for this controller, it seems driver's device probe failed and no new entry appeared in ../bus/pci sysfs tree.
Or may be you've had access to its MTP registers?
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And btw, while writing this post, a new entry magically appeared in the first VRM sensor group, lol.

And the last question, what Loop1 and Loop2 are supposed to mean here? Asking, because, for example, in IR datasheets they are refered to two independent voltage outputs, i.e. Loop1 - 6 PWM signals (for CPU), Loop2 -2 PWM signals (for SoC). SO if it is, why there are two in each sensor group?
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Have a look at the A-Tuning xml configuration files, you'll find some details about the VRM including it's I2C address there ;)
That "VR Ambient" entry is most likely just an occasional invalid readout. VR Loops have the same meaning here - 2 different outputs.