MoBo Foxconn H77MXV-D wrong voltage values


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Hello Martin,
Can you help me? I've searched the forum in order to find some fix for my problem, but without success.
I have a problem with the voltage values displayed in HWiNFO64, more accurately with the +3.3V and +12V. +5V is absent all together.
I've tried other software and although the values were not identical, they were wrong also (AIDA64 showes +18v on +12V bus :huh: ).
I've read the bug report submitting format, so I'm sending you pictures from the values displayed in the BIOS that I think are correct, picture from the sensor status with the wrong values highlighted, HTM Report file and the Debug file.

Thanks in advance,
Best regards.


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Thanks for your report and detailed information.
The next (Beta) build of HWiNFO will show correct sensor values.