Monitor CPU and GPU Fan RPMs on the Razer Blade Pro (Late 2016) GTX 1080

It would be useful if HWinfo could monitor each of the fan RPMs of this specific razer laptop.

As other users have pointed out, being able to properly assess and compare the cooling performance of various overclocking setups with respect to benchmark performance and gaming performance, temperatures and fan noise levels are very misleading as users can't report the fan RPMs. It would be a very useful feature in HWinfo to include the ability to monitor and plot/log the fan rpm values for the CPU fan and GPU fan.

I assume the fan vales are apart of the SMSC LPC47B397/CH53x7 which has no values reported with it. If there is anything I can do to help or provide please let me know.
The problem here is that almost all laptops use proprietary methods to monitor and control fans, so it's very difficult to determine how it works internally.
Without exact details from the manufacturer or another reference tool able to monitor fan speeds it's almost impossible to implement this.
Do you know who's the ODM of that model? If it would be Compal or Clevo, then there might be a way as I already have some knowledge there, but otherwise it's highly unlikely I'm afraid.