Monitoring-Freeze after PC-Wake Up


Hello, I have some problemes with the monitoring. 

After Wake Up the PC, all activ monitored Sensors are Freeze in the Gadget.
Sometimes, Hwinfo is crashed, and i can't open it. It is now running in the Taskmanager.

Only an restart helps, to fix it.

If I start Aida64 to read the Sensors, the Prog is searching a long long Time for it.

I think this problem exists since Win Update 1903.

uninstall Hwinfo an reset preferences take no fixes to me  :s
Please try to create the HWiNFO Debug File after the issue appears. Note that you will need to kill the HWiNFO process in Task Manager in case it's hung in order to open the Debug File.
uff...the Dmp File was more than 1,9GB... i can not open it...i deleted the file...and show on... the last days, after wakeup, the Program run normaly