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I have read the response in this thread  but I still have a somewhat more specific question or two.

1: in that thread you stated (SVI2 TFN) voltage reading should be more accurate does that mean it's the voltage that should be compared to the 'maximum core voltage' recommendation by AMD?  (1.425v i believe I hear most frequently)?

2: being more accurate when compared to the Vcore (ITE) voltage, is that because it reflects the voltage droop occurring from the output of the VRM to the core?

3: I've noticed that if i put in an overclock setting in my BIOS then (SVI2 TFN) voltage reading is unrealistically low (around 1.187 or so).  But if I leave BIOS settings at 'stock' then (SVI2 TFN) is a very realistic reading considering vdroop from the VRM output.  I can use the RyzenMaster utility to overclock and (SVI2 TFN) is again realistic considering vdroop. Can you explain why the reading is more realistic only if I have stock speeds and voltage settings in BIOS?

I've noticed that my (ITE) CPU Vcore reading is probably taken directly at the output of the VRM's on my motherboard which means it never reflects VDroop.  Therefore, it seems impossible to use to know if I'm exceeding maximum voltage recommendations or what LLC factors to use.

Thank you for your response...
Martin said:
SVI2 TFN usually reflects the VRM telemetry as sampled by the CPU, so it's possible that a dedicated Vcore monitoring (i.e. by ITE) can source the Vcore at different points. But this depends on particular board design.
So for such specific questions I suggest to ask at overclocking forums like OCN; i.e. for the C6H board here:

I've run through many posts on O' but I'm afraid my board isn't discussed much.  I've tried to use what they've learned on the C6H but there are literally thousands of posts to review.  I am pretty sure, though, that the VCore (ITE) measurement point isn't of much value to me.  That's why my question concerns SVI2 TFN.

If SVI2 TFN voltage is what the CPU is reporting that it is receiving as reflected by telemetry then is it safe whenever it's kept less than maximum recommended voltage?