Most efficient setup for Dell G7?


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My fans have recently started acting up again after the windows update. I'm running a Dell G7 7588 with i7-8750 CPU. I recently found this tool to help control the fans and after tinkering with the numbers and such, I think I somewhat have the system figured out. What is still confusing is how to properly control the fan speed with "Respin" and "Spin Down after" numbers. What makes me a little scared is the fans lightly pulse when on max RPM (4900) and I cant figure out what is causing this. Attached are the numbers I have set for temperatures and corresponding RPMs as well as the main fan control window, and my voltages after undervolting in Throttlestop if they help. I have a few questions also:

1. What is the most efficient setup for extending fan life while keeping the CPU at a decent idle temp (~30-40C)?

2. Is it okay for the fans to always be running?

3. What do you think is causing the fans to lightly pulse while at max RPM (4900)?

4. What exactly does "Respin period" and "Spin-down after" do?

Thank youuu
Fan profile.PNGTemp profile.PNGThrottlestop voltages.PNG