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Hi guys,
as written above I need some help finding a motherboard that fits my needs. Honestly, I am not sure if a change is really a good decision. But maybe a discussion can help me to find out.

My current situation:
- Motherboard: ASUS P11C-I (mini-ITX)
- Case: Fractal 304 (mini-ITX)
- CPU: I7 9700 ( No ECC support ) ---> The i7 9700 replaced a 9100 because of the performance with VM
- RAM: 16 GB ECC Ram ( I do not really need ECC )
- VM: WIN10 for Gaming / Working CAD
- GPU: 3060 TI

What are my needs / what would be great:
- Reuse of my CPU (socket 1151) / Case
- Low power consumption when idle - ~40W max - ( i know the GPU can not really "low power" )
- GBit ETH
- Min 4x SATA 6Gb with the possibility to make 6xSata 6Gb (via adapter card etc.)
- RAM with enough speed for gaming and no ECC ( P11C only supports 2666 Mhz)
- Good IMMO Groups for the VM + if possible IMMO groups for USB Ports, too
- USB Header for front USB
- If possible thunderbolt?
- In a price range what can be afforded

A already saw in some forum entries suggestions for motherboards, but most of the time the context was NAS only (Sata > 4 or 6) without VM.
Would be great if I can discuss this with somebody here.
I am not prepared for a long conversation.
January 2022 I was in a way forced to upgrade at something more modern than LGA775 (high-end motherboard), and last made rich of add-on hardware and full size motherboards, was few ones for socket LGA1150.
The fresher builds, they offer an empty motherboard, few PCI-e slots and average performing on-board NIC and sound card.

For professional workstation, an true full size FULL Tower, this is of importance.
I found the ideal one at 2003, and still using it, removable for cleaning dust filter, and other benefits.

If you are up to re evaluate your needs, you have to make a new list of things that cause to you de satisfaction.
There is no magical motherboards, at mini-ITX and or medium size.
There is no sufficient Cases (mini Case) for keeping cool, RTX3000 series, you have made several mistakes so far.

Re-boot your thoughts, and come over with specific questions, this will help you receiving specific answers.
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