MSI 880GM-E43 sensors


Hey there,

I have been having a problem finding something that can read the sensors correctly on my motherboard. The volts and cpu temps are off. Seems like a common issue with all sensor reading progs so far. I think they have done something funky with the offsets on this one, so I have attached the data and debug... hope you can help out.
The Fintek voltages need model-specific adjustments to give real values (as most all mainboards do), so I tried to do this based on my assumptions.
Please try the following Beta: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
and let me know if it works.
In either case, it would be helpful to see the sensor values from BIOS (a photo of the screen) or a screenshot of the MSI monitoring tool. That might allow me to improve it further in case there are differences.

Well, it fixed the volts but temps are off... specifically the cpu temps. It seems like somehow the mb is offsetting the diode temps from the cpu (Athlon II X4 640) as you can see they are waaay cool, and below ambient temp so...

Thanks for you help too, very much appreciated.


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Thanks for the feedback.
I noticed the CPU temperature issue too. It seems that there's an offset but for both values - the CPU internal sensor and the Fintek sensor as well, or the whole CPU sensor is extremely inaccurate.
Can you try to put load on the CPU to see what happens to the CPU temperatures?
Well, put the system under 100% load for 5 mins while running 1034, so attaching the debug and sys report again. The ambient temp was about 19-20c and I am using the stock amd cooler on the board. The mb temps listing from what I assume are a mb socket thermistor look close compared to the on die diode, but they do track close to each other as far as temp increases.

See if this helps determine what is going on.


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Both, the CPU and Fintek sensors reflect on temperature rise, however seems there's some offset to the value read.
Unfortunately I don't know how to determine this offset. There's a tool from MSI to monitor the system, maybe it might be useful to compare its outputs with HWiNFO32 (under idle and load) to see the difference.

Well, I tried the msi oc center (which I REALLY find frustrating...) which is the only prog they have the shows temps, and it seems like it is just following the temp readings off the mb thermistor because the temp reading in 1034 for mb cpu temp and the temp read in the msi program match up idle on up to load temp...

I have a feeling that this isn't going to help much then huh?
So the MSI tool reported CPU temperature is the MB temperature in HWiNFO32?
Maybe a screenshot of HWiNFO32 Sensors + MSI tool side-by-side under idle and load might help.
okay, here we go again :)

Sorry about the res of the pics, don't have anything better than ms paint to work with right now.... hope that it helps though.


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So the MSI tool reports the same temperatures as the Fintek sensor in HWiNFO32 and it seems to ignore the AMD internal diode reading.
Moreover, if you look at the MSI reported +3.3V and +12V values, they are wrong. So HWiNFO32 is even better here :D
I don't think there's anything more I could do in this situation.

Do you ever sleep :)

Well, I figured that there really wasn't anything else you could do, and I think you did quite a bit. In emailing MSI and AMD, both tech supports blame the other, with MSI saying it's the processor, and AMD saying it's the bios on the mb. So I guess that it's going to either be worked out over time or ignored... I did move the proc to another pc for a test earlier and it did read correctly off the cpu temp diode (Asus MB) so I am thinking it is a bios related issue from msi. But I know that another person is using this proc in a 770 chipset mb from msi with accurate readings so I thinnk it is particular to this mb right now.

I just wanted to say thanks for your help and let you know I appreciate it much.

I will also let you know if I ever make headway with the internal diode readings in later updates.

Until later...
:) Yep, I do sleep sometimes ;)
In my opinion, it might be a problem of the CPU diode calibration that's done by BIOS..
I have also adjusted the Fan names for this mobo according to the MSI tool.
Thanks for the extensive feedback.