MSI Afterburner plugin - not working after update


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I just downloaded Version 7.00, installed everything works ok but one thing.
I used HWiNFO plugin in MSI Afterburner to report power usage from my Corsair RMi PSU, it's not longer available. HWiNFO is working I can still see all the data but MSI is not seeing any data that HWiNFO.dll plugin would provide.

Is this something fixable by this team or Afterburner team should look into it?
Please check in HWiNFO if you have the Shared Memory Support option enabled. Since v7.00 it's default state is Disabled as per:
Is it possible to pass the voltage with more than one decimal digit? MSI Afterburner has no CPU voltage, and when I pass HWinfo it only shows with a decimal digit.